Help keep our students safe, and don’t get a ticket!

Student safety in and around our campus is our #1 priority!  We have noticed that some parents are dropping students off in the road or at the housing authority across the street from the school.  Both of these choices are not safe for students.  If it’s necessary for you to drop off students, please go to the grassy lot on the south side of the school and drop students off there.  In that way, students can walk up the sidewalk and the crossing guard can cross them safely to the school grounds.  The best option would be to move through the car line and drop off at the front of the school.  Our understanding is that the Lakeland Police Department is aware of the situation and will be enforcing traffic laws in and around the roadways.  We need everyone’s help to keep all of our students safe during drop off and pick-up.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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